On the street, between the high-end art galleries and generic gift shops, the real makers and artists – the brave individuals who channel their skills, passion and endurance into making a living from their creations – are hard to find… Until now.

shop photo 1Coastal Artisans at Peregian Beach, on the Sunshine Coast, is a gallery store representing local and Australian artisans.  Art, Ceramics, Jewellery, Homewares, Leatherwork, Woodwork, Stationery and Gifts… Our range is constantly evolving as we carefully choose and curate quality work as and when our artisans create it.

shop photo 2We know each and every one of our artists and can assure our customers that every item is made by them in Australia from ethically sourced materials.

There is no pretence or fakery at Coastal Artisans, only good design, impeccable skill, and exquisitely created pieces that reveal the insights of the artisans who made them.

Pop over and meet them on our Artisans Page.

Creative Giving…. Local Stories….. Australian Style